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Finance and joint ventures

Extensive borrowings over the last decade have provided relationships with main stream lending banks and this naturally enabled a new division within the company to offer development finance.

We’ll work closely with you to compile a comprehensive pack of information. The better your proposal, the higher your chance of securing finance for your development. Funding sources are limited in this market as there are only a few active lenders so we’ll talk to our contacts in high street banks, private banks, as well as specialist lenders. We don’t charge upfront fees. And we continue to work on a no success, no fee basis.

Some of the funding options that may be available to you:

financial markets
  • Mezzanine or equity finance to provide up to 90% of total project costs
  • A joint venture arrangement you supply the land we will finance the development in an equal profit share arrangement

The ideal Property Finance facility is in the £1m to £5m range, we aim to be flexible ensuring we never miss the right opportunity. Timing can be everything and we commit to providing a responsive, supportive and professional service throughout.

We understand the property market intimately, speak the language of property professionals and offer a flexible and commercial approach to getting deals done.

If you own land that you are considering disposing of why not talk to us we can arrange to release substantial equity up front whilst you participate in a profit share arrangement thereby maximising your lands “real value”